Building blocks for better team performance:

-          Insight into behavior and behavioral change, with regard to yourself and others

-          Learning to work with achievable goals

-          Collaboration: How do we do that?

-          Communication skills: agreeing, addressing problems, making arrangements

Answers to questions: Why is it like it is? What else do we want? How do we get that? What tools do all teams need for better cooperation?

Each of the following team-themes is suitable for the program: Efficiency? Communication? Cooperation? Result-oriented work? Stress reduction? Shorter meetings? Dealing with criticism? "New Ways of Working"? etc.

Programs are developed in consultation with the client and vary from one-off workshops to more intensive programs using different components, including individual meetings, team meetings, home assignments and (online) coaching.


Example of the ID-Energy program "From A to C in 10 weeks":


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